Compostable Bags or Paper Bags?

Using a liner in your compost tote is great for cleanup, but how do they actually work when it is time to compost? Here is a breakdown of the different kinds of liners and how they actually compare with each other.

Certified Compostable Bags: Certified compost bags will have a certification logo on the front of the box. These bags look like plastic bags and are usually tinted green. They are made from food by-products and do break down in the composting process.It is important to ensure the compostable bags you are using have these logos so that you are not purchasing bio-degradable bags instead. Biodegradable bags are actually made from plastic, and break down into small plastic pieces that do not completely decompose.

The problem with compostable bags in composting is that because of how light of a material, it can be caught in the wind easily.


Paper Bags: Paper bags are ideal for your compost tote as they are compostable and provide a good carbon source for our compost. They do not create any contamination in our compost and they break down easily.


Newspaper Liner: Newspaper liner is also a great carbon source and is a great way to utilize those extra flyers in the mail. The City of Calgary provides a great way to fold your newspaper to create a newspaper liner:

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