Have you heard that we stink?

TNC is committed to becoming a better neighbour and we are working hard to address the concerns of our neighbours.

Since we have been advised of odour complaints, we have significantly changed our operations. We have fully implemented our mixer, which has been tremendously successful. The mixer takes fresh organics and incorporates wood products. The wood products get the compost processing at a faster rate, and prevents the product from becoming anaerobic (meaning without access to oxygen). This process adds carbon and increases the porosity of our compost, which facilitates air movement through the piles. We’ve recognized that we experience more odour when a compost rows goes anaerobic because when we deal with anaerobic row, we receive more complaints.

We’re also continuing to pay attention for other operations that may cause odour. If you do experience a offensive odour that you think is coming from our facility, please contact us at any of the numbers or emails below:

Office: (403) 948-5434 or complaints@tfyinc.com
Milt (General Manager): (403) 888-0786
Lindsey (Vice President): (403) 827-0853

When we receive a complaint, we follow up by conducting our own odour tests. After that, we look at our operations and the weather, to try to determine what caused the odour. When we find an operation that causes odour, we do it for shorter periods of time and increase our odour monitoring, so that if there is odour, it is for shorter periods of time and is not as strong.

We are also starting an intensive third-party Odour Assessment. We are looking forward to obtaining the results of that and developing an ongoing monitoring plan based on the results of that assessment.

We thank those of our neighbours who have reached out to us already and want to work towards a solution together – your feedback has been invaluable.

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